Month: April 2019

04 The Miller’s Daughter

Josah, Conall, Graybard, and Ena waited behind a barn for Caleb. He had entered the building, making sure that it was empty. The group traveled across the Plains of Vandeer through the day, reaching Tuva as the night fell. “Ena is not going to like being inside a barn,” whispered Josah. “She doesn’t know what […]

03 Surviving Filgore Valley

“Graybard! Graybard!” shouted Josah as he watched the seasoned soldier run through the thicket. Graybard ignored the call to stop. He kept running forward, swinging his sword to clear his way through the underbrush. Josah could hear many Dragoons running through the woods. “Conall! Caleb! Squat down now! Keep your hands in the air, but […]

02 Gray the Bard

Cornor was a small village within the Southport territory, known for its pubs. Barkeeps set up business there to avoid the Casselberry tariffs and scrutiny. The walk to Cornor didn’t take Josah long, as the burg was two kilometers away from the pier. As he reached Cornor Square, Josah paused. Not much had changed over […]

01 Going Home

The winds were light as a small crew prepared to lower a longboat from the side of the Molly Red. A tall, massive cog ship made of oak, the Molly Red had several masts, with the mainsail at the center. It had fore and stern castles for crew and guest quarters. The mainsail, when pushed […]