Month: October 2019

18 Taking a Stand

Several times on their way to Tuva, the boys had to stop their progress. Something about the swishing of tails and the sound of hoofbeats caused Ena to burst into a full run. She spooked the horses every time she passed them. Josah would stop, jump off his saddle, and call Ena. Already nervous, his […]

17 Leaving Bon Abbi

“Again,” shouted Graybard. “Remember your stance. Spread your feet shoulder-width, with one foot slightly in front of the other. Always keep your balance!” More recruits joined his training sessions since Eva Marie survived an attack. Most were young, with a handful of older men. It pleased Graybard to see their progress, swinging their walking sticks […]

16 The Fallen of Karune

Three days had passed since Brother Sammil first arrived in Weshaven. Oona Sera, ruler and host, ushered him into Domus Caelum, the gathering hall. Sammil recalled how he shaded his eyes when he entered. White walls and ceilings reflected light in every direction. Oona led the way down a corridor, with an airy surcote or […]

15 Making His Move

Luka surveyed the Common Court outside the city walls. He took in the sounds, smells, and sights of merchants and commoners selling and buying wares. His decision to expel them from the Inner Courts pleased him. He reserved those spaces for the nobles of Casselberry. Waves of people acknowledged Luka as he strolled by, bowing […]

14 Confessions

Eva gripped the side of the wagon as it approached Sui Saor. The rumble of the wooden wheels rolling over the bridge was enough to alert the guards. She couldn’t tell the time of day. Darkness had overtaken them in their rush to leave from Midland. As Tomas slowed the horses, Eva finally spoke to […]

13 Sola Del Sol

The wagon from Bon Abbi passed a smaller road that led south of Lake Marablain. The trail led to where builders harvested trees for the Midland walls many seasons ago. Today, it allowed travelers to avoid passing through the city. Eva was sure Luka camped somewhere in this area. She always marveled at the placement […]

12 Taking Action

Three days had passed since Luka confronted Eva Marie. Having a Chronicler confirm she was the Lady of Bon Abbi threw him off. It would take time for him to respond. Graybard yawned as he sat on the horse blanket, looking around the barn. He decided it had been too long since he found comfort […]