Month: November 2019

24 New Ground

Josah looked at Eva Marie with a critical eye. He couldn’t find any visible wounds but knew that her pasty color betrayed her secret. She stepped back and pulled up the left sleeve of her surcoat. “I don’t want to hide anything from you,” she said. Someone had wrapped her arm using soft, cambric cloth. […]

23 Execution Day

The boys watched as the Molly Red prepared to leave Southport. Yeva and Munro stood on the quarter-deck, waving their farewell. The sun announced the start of the morning, brisk with scattered clouds. Gulls squawked above, fighting for any scraps of food they could find on the pier. Yeva and Munro agreed that Caleb would […]

22 Paying the Price

Josah shivered as the cold night’s breeze blew toward Rylie Glen. The moonlight flooded the deck of the Molly Red when it didn’t slip behind a cloud. He sat on the bottom step leading to the Captain’s quarters with his arms resting on his knees. The boy felt relieved the immediate danger was over. The […]

21 The Miller’s Wheel

Leena looked for Theotello during vespers, and then at the morning meal. He seemed to have vanished after returning from Bon Abbi three days ago. She even looked at the pier. Not sure where to look next, Leena came back to the Meeda building. Maybe she would see something she missed last night, with the […]

20 Raiders of Liez

Conall held an unusual gadget his father gave him earlier in the day. He gripped a leather strap fastened to a piece of wood. Attached at one end was a round piece of glass, about the width of a hand. At the other end was a short, flat metal piece that slid back and forth […]

19 The Casselberry Event

The Lady of Bon Abbi sat still as Dali braided her hair. She gathered a section and separated it into three parts. Weaving them together, Dali took another handful of hair and repeated the process. Before long, Eva wore a simple but elegant crown of braids, with her hair cascading down. “There,” Dali said. “You […]