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NOBILity: Review Chapter(s) in Progress

This fast-moving, heart-pounding high-sea and enchanting land adventure is the first in the series of the Chronicles of Rylie Glen. The first book, the Chronicles of Rylie Glen: NOBILity, is available now on Amazon. Click HERE to purchase your copy. Interested in joining the ARC (Advanced Review Copy) team? Register as a member on this site, for free, then send your request to Heed the mystic from the North, the Chronicler, who warns Eva Marie. “Tonight, a choice must be made. You might as well be the one to make it!


00 Prologue

Michael John ran out the Filgore Valley, leaving the big, cat-like Dragoons behind him. It was the first time he’d encountered these predators but had somehow survived. Still in shock, he didn’t realize that saving

01 Going Home

The winds were light as a small crew prepared to lower a longboat from the side of the Molly Red. A tall, massive carrack ship made of oak, the Molly Red had several masts, with