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NOBILity: Review Chapter(s) in Progress

01 Going Home

The winds were light as a small crew prepared to lower a longboat from the side of the Molly Red. A tall, massive cog ship made of oak, the Molly Red had several masts, with

02 Gray the Bard

Cornor was a small village within the Southport territory, known for its pubs. Barkeeps set up business there to avoid the Casselberry tariffs and scrutiny. The walk to Cornor didn’t take Josah long, as the

03 Surviving Filgore Valley

“Graybard! Graybard!” shouted Josah as he watched the seasoned soldier run through the thicket. Graybard ignored the call to stop. He kept running forward, swinging his sword to clear his way through the underbrush. Josah

04 The Miller’s Daughter

Josah, Conall, Graybard, and Ena waited behind a barn for Caleb. He had entered the building, making sure that it was empty. The group traveled across the Plains of Vandeer through the day, reaching Tuva

05 A Lady to Lead

Josah took a step away from the wall, still trying to hide his identity. Offering his hand, he felt an electric charge run through him when Evelyn placed her hand in his. The sudden realization

06 Preparing for Luka Dey

Evelyn twisted until Josah released his hold. “The only way you can rescue me is by becoming Michael John Mayweather again.” She stepped back, mumbling, trying to understand how a noble’s son could take on

07 Transformation

Caleb lit a candle, cupped his right hand by the flame, and made his way into the room. He handed it to Josah, as the others followed. “We’ll need a few more candles,” Josah whispered

08 Noble Challenge

Josah sat on the flatten hay as the morning sunlight broke through the darkened barn. Ena stretched and walked over to Graybard, who awoke to the large cat staring at him. “Josah,” he whispered. “Do

09 The Chroniclers of Northport

Theotello, a young apprentice, sat on the front steps of the Meeda building in Northport. It was the heart of the city where the occasional visitor came to request an audience with a Chronicler. But

10 Making Choices

Traveling from Northport to Bon Abbi was challenging, but the landscape was breathtaking. Theotello, his travel bag slipped onto his right shoulder, gazed at the rolling hills. Wildflowers bloomed everywhere one last time before the

11 Journey to Weshaven

Brother Sammil was never fond of the sea, especially the waters around Northport. The seawater currents made it difficult to navigate ships safely around the island. Two days of brisk winds, turbulent waters and crashing

12 Taking Action

Three days had passed since Luka confronted Eva Marie. Having a Chronicler confirm she was the Lady of Bon Abbi threw him off. It would take time for him to respond. Graybard yawned as he

13 Sola Del Sol

The wagon from Bon Abbi passed a smaller road that led south of Lake Marablain. The trail led to where builders harvested trees for the Midland walls many seasons ago. Today, it allowed travelers to

14 Confessions

Eva gripped the side of the wagon as it approached Sui Saor. The rumble of the wooden wheels rolling over the bridge was enough to alert the guards. She couldn’t tell the time of day.

15 Making His Move

Luka surveyed the Common Court outside the city walls. He took in the sounds, smells, and sights of merchants and commoners selling and buying wares. His decision to expel them from the Inner Courts pleased

16 The Fallen of Karune

Three days had passed since Brother Sammil first arrived in Weshaven. Oona Sera, ruler and host, ushered him into Domus Caelum, the gathering hall. Sammil recalled how he shaded his eyes when he entered. White

17 Leaving Bon Abbi

“Again,” shouted Graybard. “Remember your stance. Spread your feet shoulder-width, with one foot slightly in front of the other. Always keep your balance!” More recruits joined his training sessions since Eva Marie survived an attack.

18 Taking a Stand

Several times on their way to Tuva, the boys had to stop their progress. Something about the swishing of tails and the sound of hoofbeats caused Ena to burst into a full run. She spooked

19 The Casselberry Event

The Lady of Bon Abbi sat still as Dali braided her hair. She gathered a section and separated it into three parts. Weaving them together, Dali took another handful of hair and repeated the process.

20 Raiders of Liez

Conall held an unusual gadget his father gave him earlier in the day. He gripped a leather strap fastened to a piece of wood. Attached at one end was a round piece of glass, about

21 The Miller’s Wheel

Leena looked for Theotello during vespers, and then at the morning meal. He seemed to have vanished after returning from Bon Abbi three days ago. She even looked at the pier. Not sure where to

22 Paying the Price

Josah shivered as the cold night’s breeze blew toward Rylie Glen. The moonlight flooded the deck of the Molly Red when it didn’t slip behind a cloud. He sat on the bottom step leading to

23 Execution Day

The boys watched as the Molly Red prepared to leave Southport. Yeva and Munro stood on the quarter-deck, waving their farewell. The sun announced the start of the morning, brisk with scattered clouds. Gulls squawked

24 New Ground

Josah looked at Eva Marie with a critical eye. He couldn’t find any visible wounds but knew that her pasty color betrayed her secret. She stepped back and pulled up the left sleeve of her

25 Going the Distance

The crew of the Serenum brought down the sails as the Captain navigated the ship to Los Terra. A small group of Los Terrans stood on the dock, ready to catch the mooring ropes. Sammil

26 Crossing Bridges

The rain had begun two days ago, falling non-stop and heavy at times. Josah thought Luka would have made his move by now, but everything was quiet. Soaked and cold, he walked on the wooden