Why I am Writing This Series

Have you notice how often a new normal has occurred since the start of the new century? This new millennia, by far, has ushered in changes faster, with sound and fury, then ever anticipated. Technology, for good and bad, redefines the landscape so often that we tend to lose sight of what is important.

The Chronicles of Rylie Glen is my attempt to blow away the smoke, hide the ever-changing landscape, and expose what really matters — you and me. It’s not about where we live, what we own, what we’ve done, who we know, or who knows us. We are here on this earth for such a short time, so let’s not miss opportunities for good.

Bon Abbi, the safe city on the island Rylie Glen, is under siege, by powers that cannot be reasoned with, or persuaded to coexist. And the people who choose to defend those seeking refuge, do so for various reason but always from the heart, the very core of who they are and will become.

There are those who believe nobility is a birth-right, and who can argue with this reasoning? Generations of exercising such prestige and power makes it appear as they are correct. But there are some on Rylie Glen that believe nobility comes from the heart.

Our world is more divided than ever before, politically, and socially. But this is nothing new. There has always been events, people, governments, and yes, viruses, that attempted to redefine our environment, our history. And yet, somehow, we have prevailed.

I write this series because it’s time to return to what matters. Let’s talk together, rather than at one another. Let’s care for each other, rather than about what we can gain. Let’s look beyond our circumstances and see there is a forgotten player in our history that makes all the difference.

He is watching, intervening, caring, protecting. May we all find our place in His Grace.

— Mike A Arroyo

Written by Mike Arroyo

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