Avala in Alder Woods

The Walls of Avala protect those who live within, but there are others who choose to live beyond the boundaries.

A natural barrier for Bon Abbi and its territories along the west is Alder Woods. The mountain range divides the area, spanning north and south, with dense woods and deep lakes on either side. The shoreline is mostly cliffs, carved by the winds and seas.

The elevation of Alder Woods tapers down the further south, to the Marshes of Orrimorn, and then to the flat land and shores. There is a hidden deep-water cove, partially hidden by a high terrain island. The species found here are diverse, with wolves and bears as the main predators.

Near Henley, the furthest eastern village in Bon Abbi, is the fabled city called Avala, and those belonging to the ‘lost tribe.’ These are the people who decided they no longer wanted to live within the rule of an established city.

Over time, Avala grew from a meeting house where anyone living in Alder Woods could attend and voice their grievances, to a burg. Hardworking, survivors of the untamed forest, the people fight as hard as they live.

Written by Mike Arroyo

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