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The largest city of Middle Earth North lies south of Rylie Glen. The city surrounds the large deep-water inlet as its main port of entry. Ships carrying food, fish or livestock use the West Blue Docks. Ships carrying other supplies and metals unload their cargo on the East Red Docks. The Evermore ships control the […]


While the smallest city on Rylie Glen, Neardore hugs the border with Casselberry, and align with them. They collect more tariffs when people travel to Midland and submits the collected tariffs to Casselberry. In return, Casselberry provides protection, skilled laborers and some food. The last of the Neardore ruling family died under suspicious circumstances. A […]


As the name suggests, Midland not only described the location of this city on Rylie Glen but their political stance, as well. Taoma Delay, leader of the ruling family, desires to remain neutral but difficult to do in the current environment. Located north of Bon Abbi, Midland shares the rich farmlands and extensive wildlife. Bears […]


The farthest city on Rylie Island is Northport. There is a single road leading to the remote territory from Bon Abbi. It straddles the northern Midland border, where summers are cool and winters cold. The primary occupants in Northport are Chroniclers, a select group of people who preserve written history. Boys and girls, who at […]

Bon Abbi

Bon Abbi, a safe haven city, is at the center of the story. Established for those fleeing persecution, unable to shelter from oppressive nobles, the city is located in the middle of Rylie Glen. Mountain ranges along the east and west borders create natural protection from other cities on Rylie Glen. Unlike other territories on […]


The only known gathering place in Alder Woods is Avala, forged by those known as the ‘lost tribe.’ Common stories shared among the young speak of an unforgiving ancient forest, deadly plants, and ‘dogs of Orrimorn.’ These are the wolves of the lowlands on the southwestern corner of Rylie Glen that hunt in the Alder […]

How Luka Dey Changed History

How Luka Dey Changed History

Casselberry was the first city established on Rylie Glen. Lord Lydal Henry Rylie convinced the Casselberry family to travel with him to the island. After some discussion, they decided to settle down in Rylie Glen. The family established a farm, and the city began as an agricultural village. Their success brought other families to the […]

Los Terra

Millennia ago, large portions of Middle Earth separated as islands. Referred to as the ‘great divide’, Middle Earth is to experience several more divisions. The group of islands to the north of Middle Earth are now referred to as ‘Middle Earth North’. The two larger islands are the East and West Mainlands. Between the Mainlands […]


To the northeast of Liez is Buberra. There are three sister cities, North and South and West, that border the largest body of fresh water named “Morna.” Unlike other cities, Buberra has no external sea ports and relies on Liez to ship their goods.  Yet, with many ports into Morna’s fresh water, Buberra harvests fresh […]


The city of Karune remains a mystery to this day. South Buberrans are the only people ever to venture into their territory, In fact, Karune allowed South Buberra to extend their city walls beyond the natural border and into their territory. Karunians appear as any ‘manling’ but something is quite different. They draw the worst […]


Southport was never intended to be a city, let alone the first. This honor was for Casselberry. As the largest city on Rylie Glen, Casselberry feels like Leiz in its grandeur style. The noble traditions are alive and enforced. The Casselberry family joined Lord Lydal Henry Rylie on his second trip to Rylie Glen. With […]


This city was originally called New Gillam after it’s founding family. The mountain range separating them from Weshaven is the source for the Millree river that flows through the heart of the city. With the assistance of Rueland, the people harnessed the power of the river and established their aquaculture fish farms. Their success in […]


One of the largest cities on West Mainland, Weshaven wraps around a warm-water harbor. There are two roads connecting Weshaven to Mercil in the North and Rueland to the southeast. Otherwise, the vast mountain range separate Weshaven from the other territories. Not much is known about Weshaven. Only those invited are escorted to the city. […]


The first city on the island of Rylie Glen is Southport, the center of trade and commerce. Its deep-water port, warehouses, and storefronts draw merchants from the mainlands, as well as the cities on the island. Southport was initially founded by Casselberry, who still controls the merchants who come to the island. Most of the […]

Becoming Josah Evermore

Becoming Josah Evermore

Michael John Mayweather watched his brother brutally murdered, only to be captured and sold as an indentured servant by the very same people. His new life began on the Molly Red, a tall ship owned and operated by Captain Munro Evermore. After eight years of living with another family, he learns that his father passed […]

Men Like Graybard are Rare

Men Like Graybard are Rare

Gray the Bard is a Buberran, a gifted warrior hired by Casselberry to build the ultimate army. He grew up in the artisan village, watched as his father forged weapons and managed the other tradespeople. More details coming soon.

Avala in Alder Woods

A natural barrier for Bon Abbi and its territories along the west is Alder Woods. The mountain range divides the area, spanning north and south, with dense woods and deep lakes on either side. The shoreline is mostly cliffs, carved by the winds and seas. The elevation of Alder Woods tapers down the further south, […]


The jewel of West Mainland is Rueland. The people of this city are the designers, inventors, and engineers of this world, and in constant demand. Ruelanders are welcomed in every city but tend to stay away from those who foster an aggressive political stance. Together with Newgil, their “sister city,” Rueland has impacted the cultures […]


The most stately city on West Mainland is Mercil. Known as an educational center, people from all other cities travel here to be trained in multiple disciplines. Mercil has a vibrant market, drawing merchants to the city. The city is known for its skill for building tall ships.

The Islands

The Islands

A millennia ago, Middle Earth experienced the ‘Great Divide’. A series of tectonic activities separated large lands to formed ‘Middle Earth North.’ There were two large islands, West and East Mainland, and a smaller island to the North called Rylie Glen. Families over time populated these islands. Some stayed during this tumultuous period, while others […]

The Molly Red

The Molly Red

One of the iconic images in The Chronicles of Rylie Glen is the Molly Red. It was a tall ship similar in construction to a Cog or Caravela. The name ‘Molly Red’ is never explained. A red whale breaking through the water appear on the mainsail with it is wind-filled. The Molly Red is the […]

A choice will be made today. You might as well be the one to make it.

Theotello, Chronicler of Northport, to Evelyn Miller