The first city on the island of Rylie Glen is Southport, the center of trade and commerce. Its deep-water port, warehouses, and storefronts draw merchants from the mainlands, as well as the cities on the island.

Southport was initially founded by Casselberry, who still controls the merchants who come to the island. Most of the warehouses are owned by Casselberry, who rents space to visiting merchants. Some vendors set up storefronts to avoid tariffs for taking merchandise to the other cities of Rylie Glen.

Merchants charter ships from Liez and Mercil to bring their goods to Rylie Glen. There is a bitter rivalry between the ship owners McKanzel and Evermore of Liez. The McKanzels work with the ruling family of Liez exclusively, who provide them with the best warehouses and location along their harbor.

The Evermores own Rona Island, just outside the jurisdiction of Liez and its harbor. They have enough piers for their seven ships of various sizes and control the deep-water shipping lane to the east. It’s been rumored that the Evermores smuggle goods from Liez but never confirmed.

The people of Southport don’t have a ruling family. They remain independent but always angling to make money. They are the negotiators for merchants, guiding them through Casselberry tariffs and edicts. They also inform Casselberry of those entering Rylie Glen.

Cornor, the last burg before entering the Casselberry territory, is where travelers congregate at the local pubs. This is where rumors begin, stories confirmed or denied, and legends live. While Casselberry cannot enforce their rules and proclamations, their guards frequent the pubs to convince visitors to join their army.

Written by Mike Arroyo

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