Southport was never intended to be a city, let alone the first. This honor was for Casselberry. As the largest city on Rylie Glen, Casselberry feels like Leiz in its grandeur style. The noble traditions are alive and enforced.

The Casselberry family joined Lord Lydal Henry Rylie on his second trip to Rylie Glen. With a history of successful farming, the city bore their family name. But the city over time, and with the passing of the Casselberry family, abandoned agriculture when the Robion clan began their rule over Casselberry.

The ruling family signed edicts to hold onto nobles and skilled travelers. Nobles who embraced the lavish lifestyle, became members of the Robion court. Skilled people visiting the citywere forced to chose employment or imprisonment.

The Gate of Algora is the focal entry into the walls of the protected city. Every day, money exchange hands, whether to pay for tariffs or bribe officials. Those attempting to bypass this gate may be imprisoned or sentence to death.

The walls surrounding the city are massive. They are ten feet high and 4 feet thick, with archers every 15-20 feet in protected turrets. Every soul spends every day within the walls of Casselberry. When evening comes, those living beyond the walls leave for home before the gates close. Those not exiting fast enough find themselves waiting on the streets until morning when the gates are reopened.

Beyond the walls in the northern country are a few remaining farmers with livestock. Farmers are not harassed or taxed by Casselberry, if they provide all consumables to them. They replenish their fruit, vegetables and livestock with the low wages they earn.

A concern for Midland and Bon Abbi is how Casselberry is raising an army. Soldiers earn a modest income and all the food they can eat. They are brutal and quartered within the walls of the city. They collect tariffs, enforce edits, imprison violators and kill opponents to Casselberry

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Written by Mike Arroyo

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