The city of Karune remains a mystery to this day. South Buberrans are the only people ever to venture into their territory, In fact, Karune allowed South Buberra to extend their city walls beyond the natural border and into their territory.

Karunians appear as any ‘manling’ but something is quite different. They draw the worst of the South Buberrans, leading to skirmishes with their northern counterpart. Karune wants to keep the Buberrans distracted from their true plans.

There is a city center, but unlike any other, citizens gather their only to hear announcements, get updates and receive commands. There are no walls to this city, and the people, like their ruler, live on the outer edges. Karune maintains a hierarchical social order..

The people of Karune tend to like dark places. They mine the caves of Bojafalla (‘start the fall’) along the western edge of their borders for metals and ore. Karune protects their caves from all intruders, allowing South Buberrans access to a few caves close to their city.

The Karunians trade the mined ore for food, an act the Burberrans think as a goodwill gesture. They also mine ‘Krysmorta’ (dark crystals), possessing an unknown power.  They trained Buberrans to fashion them as jewelry. Exported to Leiz, these dark crystals are making their way throughout the lands.

South Buberrans ship the Karunian ore to the north where they forge weapons. However, Karune trained South Buberrans to fashion weapons with Krysmorta. Such weapons are not exported like the others.

There are two undiscovered ports in Karune along the northern and eastern coasts. A few ships dock at the two ports each day but quickly leave once they load their cargo. Karune seems to be preparing for war. At the proper time, weapons fashed with the dark crystals will be used in their quest to conquer Middle Earth North

More details coming soon.

Written by Mike Arroyo

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