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This is the ruler of Los Terra, an isolated city at the southernmost tip of West Mainland. Los Terrans are bronze-skinned warriors, bearing tattoos on their faces, which express who they are or hope to become.
One of the assassins Commander Eris had employed, Arlo is known for his cruelty and fascination with death. He is a gifted archer. Not much is known him, other than he hid in the Bon Abbi territories as a sleeper, waiting for the moment to kill residents of the cities and burgs.
Ayla May Garran
Fiancée to Nolan Baye, Ayla met Nolan in Mercil while at school. Accepting Nolan's proposal brought Ayla and her father to Bon Abbi. Luka Dey killed her with an arrow to the heart.
Envoy of Los Terra and Ahnoro's advisor, he is the spokesman for the city and sits to Ahnoro's right hand when the Tawalas, or leaders, meet every month.
Young, ambitious, smart, and skilled, she became the first female as well as the youngest Captain in the Evermore fleet. She is the Captain of the Willowese, the fastest ship in the Evermore fleet. Brie keeps her history to herself.
This is woman in charge of the orphanage in Newgil.
The muscular quartermaster and cook, Burley manages the food and finances for the Willowese. He is not a curious fellow but trustworthy and protective of Captain Brie.
Caleb Evermore
The youngest of the Evermore brothers, Caleb is impetuous by nature. Skilled with a bow, he tends to follow the lead provided by Conall and Josah. He was the first to refer to Josah as a brother.
Luka's mate, whose name is Cindero Day Garran, is a noble from Mercil. She wore a sunburst over the wings of a bird emblem that infuriated the ruler of Casselberry. She died defending the people of Neardore. Her last request was for Garybard to train her daughter Sada Rae.
Conall Evermore
The oldest of the Evermore brothers, Conall is devoted to friends and family and is a born leader. He takes on the responsibility to keep Caleb safe.
Cuda Tae
Stephan Boralos, raised as a nobil, became the notorious leader of the sea bandits. Their exploits are known throughout the coastal ciies along the Straits.
Also known as Dali, owns the pub in Tuva. She is the village leader and heads the Council of Seven. Her family was originally from Newgil but now lives in Tuva with her son Milo. She is a trusted and loyal friend of Eva Marie, the Lady of Bon Abbi.
Wife to Tomas, the Bordar, Darlou is a gifted seamstress. She assists Tomas in designing protective garments for the Scarlet Ryder.
Owner of the pub Popina in Port Skyla, he hosted the meeting between the Evermore captains.
Maternal leader of the Dragoons near the entrance to Filgore Valley. A wire set by Casselberry trapped Ena, but Josah rescued her when he raced to catch up to his brother Nolan. Dragoons are big, wild cats, with dark-spotted gray fur, bobbed tails, and white undersides. They are loyal to those who rescue them.
This is the leader of the Fallen of Karune. Referred to as the 'other side of the coin,' Eos lead his fellow Watchers to mate with the daughters of Karune. Bearing the crystals of creation, Eos was punished, encapsulated by the merging of the gems into Krysmorta.
Commander of soldiers under Lord Luka Day, he replaced Graybard when the warrior abandoned his post. Younger but not as skilled as Graybard, Eris strives to meet Luka's demands.
Evelyn Miller
Daughter to Roylo the Miller in Bon Abbi. Evelyn departed Bon Abbi when Michael John disappeared. She studied under Sola Del Sol, the Healer, as his apprentice. She returned to Bon Abbi to tend to Lord Rando Mayweather during his illness. After Lord Mayweather died, Evelyn became the ruler, later taking on the persona of Lady Eva Marie. Josah occasionally calls her 'Evie.'
The Council from Abadeen, Ezra is an older man who can be persuaded by Marvis Addewid. One of the Council of Seven, he desires to improve the life of his people.
Located somewhere in Mercil, this is the garden where Eos and Kaiman exchanged vows.
A Watcher, he is a leader of Weshaven under Oona Sera's command. He has white hair, is slender in build but strong. Gedare takes Brother Sammil to Weshaven.
Mother to Dali, Gerda takes up the responsibility to manage the Tuva pub, while Dali moves to Bon Abbi proper. She lives alone in a cottage, just beyond the pub.
Also known as 'Gray the Bard,' he is a warrior from Buberra. His father, Nador, was a blacksmith who forged weapons, and Graybard is skilled in using them all. Luka convinced Graybard to build his army. Older, with long red hair, he braids his beard and carries his mother's ring fastened at the bottom.
Hodius Green
Also known as Hodi, he is a servant of Lord Luka Dey. Hodius became an enforcer when he helped cover up Luka's slaying of Nolan Baye Mayweather. He is large and powerful but dull of mind.
Isa Dey
The son of Kaimon, Isa witnessed the transformation that occurred to his father. He became the second and last king, upon the departure of his father. Isa had three children — Mara, Maya, and Aila — who who formed the bloodlines that would one day unveil a new king.
The First Mast to Captain Brie on the Willowese, Jarrod is at the helm, taking the ship where commanded. He is loyal to his Captain, even when sparing verbally with Brie.
Jedrek Marlee Finnister
He is the son of the man who would take Brie as a child bride. Jedrek crafted the papers to put Brie away and her family as indentured servants.
Josah Evermore
The rightful heir of Bon Abbi, he was born Michael John and is the son of Lord Rando Mayweather. He ran after Nolan, who left to avenge the death of Ayla May Garren, his fiancée. After cutting through Filgore Valley, he witnessed his brother's death but then accused of killing a noble by Luka. Luka convinced Captain Munro to mark the boy as an indentured servant. While on the Molly Red, he took the name of Josah Evermore, the name of Captain Munro's father.
The first king of Merkwood, Kaimon is the subject of the first hidden chronicle. With the promise that he could be king, Kaimon performed a ritual that resulted in his name changed to Kaimeos.
Lady Eva Marie
Michael John's sister died due to poor health in Mercil as a young child. Josah convinced Evelyn Miller to take the name and pose as the noble and heir to protect the city and people of Bon Abbi, knowing it meant certain death if caught.
Lady Sada Rae
Daughter of Luka Dey, Sada is an obedient daughter. She tragically lost her grandparents and mother as a young child, with no explanation as to what happened. She plays the role of a dutiful daughter whenever essential visitors come to Casselberry.
Lady Silvi Willa
This was Lord Rando mate and mother of Michael John. The people of Bon Abbi adored Silvi and mourned when she died after childbirth. The city erected a statue in the Square as a place of honor, welcoming those who entered the city gates as she once did when alive.
Lawrence, Brother
An older Chronicler, Brother Lawrence maintains deliveries and warehouses for the Chroniclers in Northport.
Leena, Sister
She is a Chronicler and close friend of Theotello. Leena came to Northport as a young girl. She befriended Theo, who came after she had arrived. Limited to the gift of Namjera, Leena can discern intentions with a mere touch.
Lord Edmund Robion
The previous ruler of Casselberry, now deceased, was Luka Dey's father. When he railed against Luka for not being more like Nolan Baye, Luka kills Nolan, only to increase his father's anger. He poisons Edmund's meal, not knowing his mother would partake as well. They died before the beginning of the story.
Lord Luka Dey Robion
The current ruler of Casselberry and son of Lord Edmund, Luka has an insatiable desire to rule everything. Accustomed to death and killing, he started with Nolan Baye Mayweather, back when he was younger. Luka desires to conquer Bon Abbi, the remaining city that would oppose him as king.
Lord Rondo Braedon Mayweather
Previous ruler of Bon Abbi, now deceased, and father to Michael John and Nolan Baye. Cara, the cook, poisoned Lord Rando under pressure from Casselberry. If she refused to poison him, Cara's sister would die. Before his death, he asked Evelyn Miller to defend Bon Abbi.
Lord Vilo Dey Nota
The ruler in Liez, Lord Vilo is a mystery, but stories of his ruthlessness and anger are well known. He and Luka share the same middle name. Liez has the largest fleet in the seas, docked in Lila Bay, west of the city center. Lord Vilo maintains and controls warehouse south of Rona Island, home to the Evermores. He is also an exporter of weapons, mainly to Casselberry.
One of the Lost Tribe of Avala, Louie represents the wild men that make Alder Woods their home. With no mate to worry about, Louie is the first to volunteer whenever dangerous opportunities come around.
Ludda Weik
Servant of Lord Luka Dey, and comrade to Hodius Green, Ludda is a tall thin man, cruel by nature, and crafty. Luka trusts his judgment, willing to put up with his slowness and inability to complete tasks.
Owner of the Blue Door Pub in Bon Abbi, with his wife Navaeh, Malcolm cooks meals and runs the establishment. He and his wife came from Tuva. With Dali's help, they transform an old warehouse into a popular pub.
Marvis Addewid
Learner of the Council of Seven, Marvis is an older man who lives in Henley, the last village in the Bon Abbi territories, on the border of Alder Woods. He was a trusted advisor to Lord Rando Mayweather, finding it challenging to let Eva Marie rule the city. 'Addewid' is a Welsh term that means promise or pledge.
Michael John Mayweather
Son to Lord Rando Braedon Mayweather, he was taken in as an indentured servant, accused of killing his brother Nolan, a noble. He disappeared from Rylie Glen for eight years. His father grieved, thinking Dragoons killed him in Filgore Valley. Without a body to recover, Lord Rando marked a grave in his honor. See Josah Evermore for additional details.
Dalia's son, Milo is young but willing to help his mum at the Tuva pub. He stays with his grandmother when Dali decides to stay in Bon Abbi. Once settled, his mother brings him to the city when Eva Marie attends an event in Casselberry.
Munro Evermore, Captain
This is the Captain of the Molly Red, father to Caleb and Conall, and husband to Yeva. He owns eight ships: Emeline (Knarr), Talula (Knarr), Claradell (Sloop), Masie (Sloop), Hedda Spree (Sloop, Captain Justen), Molly Red (Carrack, First Mate Ruddie), Griffin (Caravel, Captain Rolan), and the Willowese (Brigantine, Captain Brie).
Nador the Anvil
Father of Graybard and seven daughters, now deceased. Nador led the artisan village in Buberra. Known as the 'anvil,' Nador ruled the artisans in a city without nobles. The eldest daughter, Amber, took his role when he died.
Nala of Dwela
Mother of Theodor and wife of Tef, Nala is a Los Terran from the Dwela region. She kept Theo's secret gift as a Chronicler from everyone. Theodore was the first Los Terran born outside of Los Terran.
Owner of a pub in Bon Abbi, she runs the Blue Door Pub with her husband, Malcolm. She previously worked in Dalia's pub in Tuva, before encouraged and funded by Dali to open one in Bon Abbi.
Nolan Baye Mayweather
Brother of Michael John, he was the eldest, next in line to rule Bon Abbi. He brought Ayla May and her father to Rylie Glen, announcing their wedding plans. Before they could wed, Luka killed her with an arrow to the heart. Nolan, angry that his father wouldn't seek revenge, goes after Luka, eventually confronting him at Cornor Square. With Hodi Green and Ludda Weik's assistance, he is killed by Luka as Michael John witnesses his death.
Oona Sera
The leader of the Watchers in Weshaven, Oona travel on the Molly Red at the same time as Josah and Theodore. She tells Brother Sammil that Theo bears a gift of visions, vital to them as they seek balance in the world. She possesses gifts like Chroniclers but cannot interfere or do harm to humans.
Randle or Randleman
Randle is an ancient surname that came from the baptismal name Randel. In this case the surname Randle was a diminutive of the personal name Rand, a short form of various German names with the first element meaning shield or wolf.
The leader of the Lost Tribe, residing in Alder Woods, Renner manages Avala, the hidden city. They call its occupants the 'Lost' because they rejected the notion of a ruling class, and any dependencies to Rylie Glen. He and Zuri, his mate, have a son named Yani.
Sada Rae Robion
Daughter to Luka and Cinday, she never liked her role while in Casselberry. Graybard trained her with the other soldiers while wearing a disguise, the warrior's defiant response to Cinday's death. Skilled handling weapons and fighting, Sada Rae decides to leave Casselberry, willing to face the wrath of her father
Sammil, Brother
The leader of the Order of Chroniclers in Northport, Brother Sammil wears a scarlet sash to denote his position. Since Theotello arrived in Northport, Brother Sammil has watched over him. He departs to Weshaven with news of the visions Theotello has of the Fallen of Karune.
A savvy businessman and entrepreneur, Sao is a Ruelander who knows how to make deals that favor him. He is someone Captain Brie knows and trusts.
Sola del Sol
A healer and entrepreneur from Midland, Sola provides solutions to mechanical and health issues. He works closely with Ruelanders, gifted builders often sought by other cities. Sola formerly worked with Lord Edmund Robion, creating poisons to combat dangerous animals, including bears. When Luka became ruler, he experimented with the poison and used them on prisoners. Disturbed by this practice, Sola fled Casselberry and sought refuge in Midland. The city provided opportunities for him to continue his work, and an army to help keep Casselberry in place. He is loyal to Lady Eva Marie and knows of her origins and her father.
One of the Watchers, he joined Gedare when they waited for Brother Sammil to arrive in Mercil. Tasia has become a constant companion to Sammil. He has red hair, no facial hair, and never talks.
Tef of Dwela
Father of Theodor and husband of Nala, Tef is a Los Terran who moved to Mercil. Nala gave birth to Theodore while in Mercil, the first Los Terran born on foreign soil. Tef was killed in Mercil after Theo became a Chronicler, forcing Nala and the remaining children to return to Los Terra.
The Tae
This is a person that not only is affectionate, but very rude at the same time. They can express the worst attitude then become protective at any moment. But don't test a Tae, as they can get highly disrespectful.
Theodor of Dwela
Theodor (also Theotello or Theo), is the son of Tef and Nala. He was born in Mercil, the first Los Terran born on foreign soil. He exhibited gifts common to Chroniclers at an early age, as well as one unique ability not typical of Chroniclers. Tef convinced Nala to bring him to Northport, the home of the Chroniclers when he was ten. They traveled to Northport on the Molly Red. On that same trip, Josah was aboard as a newly indentured servant, as well as the mysterious Oona Sera. Upon becoming a Chronicler, Theodor chooses a new name, Theotello.
This is the name chosen by Theodor when he remained in Northport, surrendering to the calling as a Chronicler. See Theodor of Dwela for more information.
The influential Bordar, a manager of vast farmlands that include farmhands that work for him, lives in Karma, just outside Tuva. For several generations, his family collected weapons, stored in a barn. While on a trip, he witnessed someone protecting the poor and decided he would assist. With the help of his mate, Darlou, they designed protective garments for Cinday, Luka's mate, who later died while defending the people of Neardore.
Treynor McKanzel, Captain
Father of Jeera, Mannish, and Delmar, Treynor operates a small fleet of ships from Liez Bay. Rona Island, situated in front of this bay, is where Captain Munro has his fleet. Treynor continually competes with the Evermores, and originally sold the island to Munro back when they were younger.
Yeva Evermore
Wife of Munro, and mother to Conall, and Caleb, Yeva is outspoken but supportive. She wants to be home and make a place to care for the crew of all their ships.


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Bon Abbi
Known as the sanctuary or safe-haven city, Bon Abbi is located at the end of King’s Road. Situated between the Filgore and Alder Wood Mountain Range, is one long Wall constructed to keep their people safe from the marauding bears of Midland. When the Evermores arrived in Bon Abbi, the gate and walls needed repair. Bon Abbi has no defensive skills or weapons, as the other cities agreed to a signed declaration that no one would ever seek to overtake Bon Abbi. They have the largest landmass, which includes the Plains of Vandeer, the Outerbanks, and seven villages with significant farms. Fertile lands, plenty of water, and a protected valley make them desirable by those who wish to conquer the city.
Bordar (Territory)
Every village has at least one bordar, or landowner, who manages multiple farms. The bordar provides the hides, tools, and food to employ workers. The land belongs to the city proper but is leased out to bordars to manage and produce food.
Lake Morna, a sizeable fresh body of water, separates Buberra East and West. Those north of the lake consists of artisans who build weapons and is also home to their marketplace. To the west of the lake is the farming community, while the fishing community is to the east. Located south of the lake is a small group, working for Karune. They take the mined minerals and supply them to the artisans, who then trade with Karune.
Burg (Territory)
A region that has ten to twenty hides and at least one bordar forms a burg. Burgs tend to have a local smithy and a few trades, but no marketplaces.
Thought to be the oldest city on the isle of Rylie Glen, Casselberry bears the name of its founder. Having died, the Robion clan was selected to rule the city. Rumors were that Liez, the city south of them on East Mainland influenced the choice. Casselberry has been building an army, with designs to take control of the entire island.
City (Territory)
Any centralized location with many people, sustaining a full market, and trades is a city. They tend to encourage hides, bordars, and villages to become established around its territories.
The first burg between Southport and Casselberry, Cornor is known for its pubs. They avoid the taxes of Casselberry while welcoming travels who sail to Southport. Cornor Square is where Luka Dey murdered Nolan Baye, son to Rando Mayweather, and heir to Bon Abbi.
The smallest village in Bon Abbi, Henley is located on the far northwest side of Bon Abbi. Bordering the Alder Woods, Henley is influential. It’s home to one Council member as well as Bashan and his magnificent horses.
Hide (Territory)
A hide is a cottage, whether owned by or leased to a family, with enough property to sustain a family of four.
At one time, Karune was a prosperous city. The Fallen Watchers, who mated with the women of Karune, caused the Ancient One to curse all the Fallen who are eternal beings now trapped in human bodies. Eos, the leader of the Fallen, wore all the crystals of creation. As punishment for his rebellion, the crystals blended and formed the Krysmorta crystal, used to entrap him for eternity.
Situated on the northwest side of East Mainland, Liez is a traditional city, built on principles of noble families and absolute rule. Lord Vilo Dey Nota controls all Liez and has the largest fleet, kept in Lila Bay. Hegira (long journey) Road leads to Buberra, the only trade route between the two cities.
Los Terra
The southernmost city on West Mainland, Los Terran’s are a people ruled by representatives in districts. Los Terran’s are known for bravery and courage. They are warriors who have explored beyond the sea boundaries. Ahnoro, the ruler of this nation city, was elected, meeting with all the districts every month. They are bronzed-skin people who express who they are or hope to be through creative tattoos on their faces.
Mainland, East
The landmass southeast of Rylie Glen is East Mainland. Mountain ranges are natural barriers between the three cities: Liez, Buberra, and Karune, from West to East. Liez, the second largest city, on either mainland, has developed two ports, promoting commerce between other territories. Buberra surrounds the largest freshwater body of water called ‘Lake Morna.’ South of the lake is Karune, a mysterious city that has no other connection, except to Buberrans living south of the lake.
Mainland, West
The landmass southwest of Rylie Glen in West Mainland, consists of Mercil, Newgil, Rueland, and Los Terra. Weshaven, on the far west coast, can only be found when invited by residents. Mercil, the largest city in all the territories, is known for its shipbuilding skills and education, while Newgil produces fish hatcheries and land innovations. Rueland, the smallest of cities, is where entrepreneurs and innovators thrive, often in demand by various cities to help expand, build, and transform cities. Los Terra is very territorial, and the residents are known as warriors and explorers.
The largest city in West Mainland, Mercil is known for its educational centers and shipbuilding. They have the largest market in all the lands. But the people are in transition, sometimes embracing equality while holding on to the class of nobles. Mercil Bay is the business pier, while Port Skyla is along the west coast. Most of the histories and clans started in Mercil.
Halfway between Casselberry and Bon Abbi is the city of Midland, ruled by Lord Tao. The name reflects their position on Casselberry’s aggressiveness against Bon Abbi. Not wanting to offend Lord Luka but supporting Bon Abbi, Lord Tao uses an army to deter any interest from Luka. The city requires a reason for entry. Some people bypass the city when traveling to Neardore on the east, or Bon Abbi on the west.
The city closest to Casselberry is Neardore. Casselberry appointed a leader and has forcefully annexed by the larger city. They have no walls and depend on Casselberry to provide protection.
Located on the east coast of West Mainland is Newgil, an agriculture and fishery center. Known for canals, waterwheels, and fish hatcheries, their people are industrious and gifted in working with wildlife. They have a small port, usually ignored by the larger cities but frequented by Captain Munro and the Molly Red.
The furthest northern city on Rylie Glen is Northport. Originally designed as a learning center, Northport became the home of the Chroniclers, those with unique gifts, called to record history. They have the most extensive libraries on Rylie Glen, rivaling those of Mercil. The Beo Aris Memorial Parkway, housing groves of trees with blue flowers, mark every Chronicler who has died. Many of them were martyrs, killed while in service.
Found along the east coast of West Mainland, Rueland is home to tinkers, inventors, and construction experts. The Rueland territory is vast, but only a small area has settlements. Their city may be small, but it boasts unusual buildings and one-of-a-kind structures, including wind-powered mills, waterwheels, and other innovations.
Rylie Glen
The island north of both East and West Mainland is Rylie Glen. The Filgore and Alder Woods Mountain range naturally divide the land into six cities. Bon Abbi is known for its fertile farmlands, natural resources, and wild horses. The mountains on either side protect them from the hot, dry summers and cold winters. Alder Woods and its mountain range extend the entire west coast, ending at the southern Marshes of Orrimorn. Midland and Neardore often battle marauding bears, wild boar, and other animals that make farming a challenge.
Original just a pier for docking ships, merchants built warehouses and a marketplace, making Southport one of the busiest cities. They are the first city visited when guests arrive in Rylie Glen, which is a source of contention with Casselberry. While Southport avoids all Casselberry taxes, they don’t know how to keep Luka and his soldiers from “recruiting” their young men into the Casselberry army.
The largest farming village in Bon Abbi, their proximity offers advantages the others don’t have. Dali, pub owner, and a council member has unlimited access to Eva Marie. Tuva is home to Tomas, the owner of the horses and carriage that first carried Eva Marie and Theotello to Midland.
Village (Territory)
A territory consisting of two or more burgs is called a village. They tend to have more skilled labor, smithies, and services. Larger villages will often have a marketplace. Each village is entitled to representation in those territories where a family doesn’t rule them.
The only city on the west coast of West Mainland, Weshaven remains a mystery. Only those with an invitation can ever see the city, whose inhabitants are Watchers in hiding. While taking human form, Watcher lives like every human but consume different foods.


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A burg just outside Tuva, Karma is home for Tomas and Darlou.
King's Road
The main road on the island, King's Road, connects all the cities and its territories, starting at Southport, then continuing through Casselberry, Neardore, Midland, and Bon Abbi. Of note, King's Road bypasses Northport, which has a road leading to Bon Abbi. The name suggests that at one time, a king ruled the island, but that history remained lost until the discovery of the 'Lost Chronicles' found in Bon Abbi.

Captain Munro’s Ships

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One of three sloops in the Evermore fleet, Claradell’s name means ‘bright and beautiful.’ A sloop is a smaller, single-mast vessel, typically used to transport light cargo between ports quickly. This type of ship cannot sail into open waters. While it offered speed, the Claradell, and the other two sloops owned by the Evermores, sails along the coasts, crossing over between the Mainlands, in the Straits, south of Liez. Four crew are aboard this ship, including the Captain.
Meaning ‘hardworking,’ the Emeline is a Knarr ship and one of two in the Evermore fleet. Knarrs are working vessels designed to carry large and heavy cargo. Long and broad, the Emeline and Talula are employed to transport building materials, foundations stone, logs, and hardware. There is thirteen crew, counting the Captain, aboard this ship.
The first ship Josah ever sailed on his own. Although he ended up ramming the ship into the pier on Rona Island, sailing it is still a fond memory for him. Captain Munro later sold the vessel to the McKanzels. Josah named his Dragoon ‘Ena’ (which means ‘nobility or well-born’) after the name of this ship.
A caravel ship, the Griffin is a smaller version of the Molly Red. Riding deep in the water gives it the ability to cut through rough seas. The Griffin can sail fast and into the wind. Its construction includes thicker planking, three broad-beamed masts, with both square and triangular sails. ‘Griffin’ means ‘strong lord,’ after the mythical creature of half eagle and lion. There is eighteen crew, including the Captain, working on this ship.
Hedda Spree
The second and more significant of the sloops in the Evermore fleet, Hedda Spree is known for its speed. With its name meaning ‘refuge in war,’ this vessel has escaped many potential conflicts. The ship often carries contraband, outrunning those regulating shipments. Four crew and a Captain are aboard this ship.
The third sloop in the Evermore fleet sails mainly from Rona Island to Rueland. Whenever builders need to travel to other cities, this ship carries them to Mercil or Liez Bay. The name Masie means ‘pearl.’ A crew of four is needed to operate this ship.
Molly Red
The star of the Evermore fleet is the Molly Red, a carrack vessel. It is long and broad, capable of carrying heavy cargo. The ship has multiple masts and square sails. Once moving, the Molly Red dominates the seas with its speed. The hull is cavernous for those heavy loads, with many levels and decks. The red whale merging out of the water is her symbol. With twenty crew, the Molly Red is a formidable vessel.
Meaning ‘leaping water,’ this is the second Knarr vessel in the Evermore fleet. Heavy cargo causes the ship to leap as it cuts through the waves. These large cargo ships are broad and designed mostly to carry heavy load between East and West Mainlands. The Emeline and Talula only transport legitimate cargo as they could never out sail most vessels. But because of their massive weight, ramming another ship would inflict severe damage. It takes seventeen crew, counting the Captain, to sail this ship.
A brigantine ship, the Willowese is the fastest ship in the Evermore fleet. The Willowese has fifteen crewmembers, including the Captain, but can transport one hundred people or carry huge loads. With square rigging on the foremast and fore-and-aft rigging on the mainmast, this vessel rides high in the water, making it easy to maneuver and very fast. It often carries contraband, both objects, and people.


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Ancient One
This name refers to God as the Creator. His interactions are often missed but are always to protect. Chroniclers are called and provided gifts to record His dealings with humankind. He promises that He will always be faithful.
This is someone endowed with various gifts, to record history as a calling. Once recognized as a Chronicler, the initiate chooses a new name for themselves. Chroniclers document the activities of the Ancient One as He interacts with the world.
Fallen of Karune
Originally, they were Watchers who observed humankind. However, they struck a deal with the humans in Karune, giving the humans power in exchange for allowing the Watchers to mate with Karune’s females. Compromising their calling and led by Eros, the Ancient One merged all the crystals of creation into Krysmorta, encased Eos, and cast him into the depths of Bojafalla. Those who followed Eos were cursed to remain in human form, feeling all the physical frailty but never dying.
One of several spiritual beings who serve the Ancient One. Watchers observe humans. They are not allowed to violate natural laws or directly interfere, except when the balance is lost. Even then, Watchers can only enlist humans to help restore the balance, not interfere directly.

Chronicler Gifts

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Not all Chroniclers record history. Some Chroniclers pour over the writings to maintain their accuracy after recording an event. Dotek is the gift of encountering a person’s history through the touch of a hand. It allows the Chronicler to see the facts firsthand, as it occurred. It enables them to discern whether to record the past.
This gift of discerning intention is the most common and shared by all Chroniclers. It enables them to know individual intent, but not necessarily the associated details. For the unfortunate with evil intentions, the touch of the Chroniclers inflicts painful, burning sensations. For all others, it leaves a warm feeling.
All recording Chroniclers have this gift, which allows them to know what is right when searching, allowing them to discern when someone is lying to them.
The gift of recognizing danger, Senza protects the Chronicler. Unfortunately, some martyrs didn’t acknowledge the warning this gift provided, contributing to their unforeseen death.

Common Terms

Other Terms

Measurements and Time

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There are currently 5 Terms in this directory
This term is a reference to a period of two weeks.
This is one thousand meters is a kilometer, which is a little over half a mile (0.62 miles).
A measurement of just over 3 feet (3.28 feet), the metric system is universal on Rylie Glen and the Mainlands.
Planting Season
This is a reference to spring when farmers would start tilling the fertile ground and plant their crops.
Used to indicate the weight of an object. One stone is equal to fourteen pounds. When referring to someone weighing ten stones, that means they weigh 140 pounds.