The largest city of Middle Earth North lies south of Rylie Glen. The city surrounds the large deep-water inlet as its main port of entry. Ships carrying food, fish or livestock use the West Blue Docks. Ships carrying other supplies and metals unload their cargo on the East Red Docks.

The Evermore ships control the island outside of the inlet. Their operations include smuggling and securing indentured servants. Some cities on West Mainland hire the ships to confront hired marauders from Leiz.

The strong currents around the island keep others from challenging their ownership claim. Indentured servants fight for the Evermores, hoping their loyalty pays their debt early.

The MacKanzel family run the East Red Docks. They hire artisans to make armor and weapons for Casselberry. Building behind the docks serve as work and living quarters. Providing weapons to Casselberry provides the MacKanzel clan freedom from scrutiny.

The ruling family of Leiz own and operate the West Blue Docks. Most of the buildings behind these docks serve as warehouses and processing plants. Beyond the docks, cobblestone streets lead to shops surrounding the city square.

The Square offers fine eateries, bakeries and entertainment. Surrounded by walls, Leiz offers several roads in and out of the city. Shanty towns exist beyond the wall where commoners, free and indentured servants live.

Higher walls surround the Courts of Leiz at the back of the city. Prestigious buildings make up the court, with the ruling family home at the center.  Nobles earn money serving on various councils. People gather at the Courts of Leiz to settle disputes, pay settlements and tariffs.

Hegira (‘exodus or migration’), or the ‘Red Pass Road’ on the north, leads to Buberra, the next city/state in East Mainland. Unknown to others, is the allegiance between Leiz and Buberra. Leiz urges Casselberry to take over Rylie Glen. The plan is to send Buberran warriors to Casselberry to secure the island at the right time. Leiz has an unrelenting desire to rule Middle Earth North

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Written by Mike Arroyo

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