While the smallest city on Rylie Glen, Neardore hugs the border with Casselberry, and align with them. They collect more tariffs when people travel to Midland and submits the collected tariffs to Casselberry.

In return, Casselberry provides protection, skilled laborers and some food. The last of the Neardore ruling family died under suspicious circumstances. A sheriff selected by the inhabitants enforces the Casselberry edicts. Unknown to the people is that the sheriff was hand-selected by Casselberry.

The Neardore land is rather harsh. The unnamed cliffs along the north and east coast are ignored. The hills of the interior land consist of trees and dense vegetation. These provide a rich habitat for deer and wild boar, an excellent source of meat.

Whatever meat Casselberry doesn’t confiscate gets sold to Midland. Wild boars do not enter the Midland high plains, as they fear the bear population. But they do work their way to the foothills of the Filgore mountain range. The Bon Abbi wall keep bear and wild boar from entering their rich farm lands.

Neardore is depended on Casselberry to supply fresh water. Indentured servants daily collect water from Gregor Lake into pots. Horse-drawn carts provide fresh water to the people of Neardore. But only for those who swear allegiance to Casselberry. More details to come.

Written by Mike Arroyo

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