The farthest city on Rylie Island is Northport. There is a single road leading to the remote territory from Bon Abbi. It straddles the northern Midland border, where summers are cool and winters cold.

The primary occupants in Northport are Chroniclers, a select group of people who preserve written history. Boys and girls, who at an early age feel the call to become chroniclers, are drawn to the city.

Every year, interns present themselves to Brother Sammil, the lead Chronicler, who then select those who are to remain and refine their craft. Chroniclers, novice and experienced alike, are never told what to write as that comes from within. In time, all Chroniclers develop these unique gifts, which make people fear them:

  • Dotek — The art of unfolding the past with a single touch.
  • Senza — The art of sensing danger.
  • Namjera — The art of discerning intention.
  • Pravdo — The art of seeing the truth.

While in Northport, Chroniclers tend to keep silent until a need to talk arises. When at home, they wear special vestures to read and adjust their writings. When not writing, they maintain their libraries and buildings.

The city has no walls. Except for the main road leading into Northport, citizens walk down worn-out paths connecting their many buildings. Each building bears the name of a fallen chronicler, with plenty of space to store writings and provide housing.

There is a single cold-water harbor to the north that freezes over during the harshest of winters. But it is rare to have visitors. Sometimes, a ship from Mercil docks at the Northport pier to bring supplies and families wanting council with Brother Sammil, but it never stays long. Otherwise, the Chronicler ship Palabra remains docked alone in the harbor.

People of Bon Abbi transport food and supplies monthly to Northport, a task forgotten by other cities. They assist the order with building repair and managing their vineyard.

The bond between Chroniclers is unbreakable. They love without limits, own nothing but share what they can. They never avoid the truth and speak without fear. Their mere presence makes people uncomfortable. No one ever harms a Chronicler without fearing retribution from a higher source. The land is as harsh as their existence.

Written by Mike Arroyo

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