As the name suggests, Midland not only described the location of this city on Rylie Glen but their political stance, as well. Taoma Delay, leader of the ruling family, desires to remain neutral but difficult to do in the current environment.

Located north of Bon Abbi, Midland shares the rich farmlands and extensive wildlife. Bears found further north and deer to the south remains a challenge for the local farmers. Bears hunt wild boars found along the foothills of the Filgore mountain range in the summer. By winter, the bears find caves in the foothills to hide from the weather.

Located between two large lakes, Midland pumps water into the city. The Gilley Run is the river that flows from the foothills of Alder Mountains, across Bon Abbi to Lake Marablain. The weir built by Ruelanders redirect fresh water into the city.

Midland continues to build its own army for defense. The ruling family refuses to believe Casselberry would ever attack them. But as fewer merchants make it to the city on any given day, Midland wonders if this is part of a plan. Casselberry can’t seem to know how to win the alliance of Taoma Delay.

Written by Mike Arroyo

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